Dried Apricot

Turkish Dried Apricot

NT-4009 – Dried Apricot

Opinions are divided about the origins of the apricot fruit. However, there are absolutely no doubts that it’s one of nature’s most amazing fruits. This stone fruit, which looks like a peach but actually tastes like purple plums, is sometimes referred to as Armenian fruit.

Dried apricots are a type of traditional dried fruit. One of the main producers of this variety of dried apricots is Turkey. When treated with sulfur dioxide, the color is vivid orange. Organic fruit not treated with sulfur vapor is darker in color and has a coarser texture. Generally, the lighter the color, the higher the SO₂ content.

This product is Available in Varying sizes that is graded based on the diameter of the apricots and count per kilogram. Please contact Naturizon office for availability.

The typical sizes available are:

Size 3 – 29-36 mm (120-140/kilo)

Size 4 – 26-32 mm (121-160/kilo)

Size 5 –  24-29 mm (161-180/kilo)


Apricots are packed with life-giving nutrients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, among many other amazing nutrients. They provide an excellent source of dietary fiber and a number of health-promoting phytochemicals and minerals. They are a low calorie-comprising food; containing 48 calories for every 100 grams.

Dried apricots can provide a higher concentration of nutrients per fruit when compared to the original undried form. If you are exercising or undertaking a physical activity such as hiking, dried apricots would be a plus because they are energy-dense.


The apricots selected should be free from any kind of mold, pest damage, or holes.

They should be stored in a dry and cold place away from direct sunlight to avoid the product from changing color or attracting pests.

This product is recommended to be refrigerated if intended for long term usage.


Dried apricots are easy to add to yogurt, salads, and main meals.


This product contains sulphite and should be taken with caution and/or avoided by individuals allergic to sulphites.

Individuals allergic to tree nuts and/or apricots should taken with caution and/or avoided using this product.

If the product smell and/or taste bad you should avoid consuming it.