Mini Dried Apricots

Ghouling / Shekaar Pare

NT-4007 – Mini Dried Apricots – Ghouling – Shekaar Pare

Mini Dried Apricots are also known as “Ghouling”, “Gheysie” and “Shekar Paree”. This product is grown mainly in Afghanistan and is considered to be a specially fruit because of the way it is prepared.

The notable characteristics that sets this product apart from other dried apricots is its small size and shape, but the main feature about the product is that its dried right on the tree. This process allows for a more natural way of drying the fruit without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.

This variety apricot may seem very dry, but it is packed with an exquisite flavor and sweetness.

Traditionally this product along with other nuts and dried fruits are placed in a bowl and rehydrated over a minimum of 72 hours period. This bowl of mixed fruits and nuts are served as a special dish/snack during the new year ceremony, Nowrouz, in Afghanistan.

Mini Dried Apricots are considered to be one of the specialty products that Naturizon has to offer.


Mini Dried Apricot is a variety of apricot that has the majority of health benefits found in other apricots along with some unique health benefits.

The most notable and distinguishing benefits are as follows:

  • The rehydrated or dried apricot can help enhance the bowel movement
  • The juice from rehydrating the apricots is considered by the individuals in the region and a naturally remedy to reduce the overheating of the body and reducing acnes

The juice and rehydrated apricot is considered to be ideal to be consumed in the morning to help restore nutrients in the body and promote healthy body function.

The juice of dried mini apricot can help reduce the outbreak of acnes and help reduce body overheat specially during summer.

This product is free from Sulfites and preservatives.


The apricots selected should be free from any kind of mold, pest damage, or holes.

They should be stored in a dry and cold place away from direct sunlight to avoid the product from changing color or attracting pests.


Mini Apricots should be washed well before consuming. It can be consumed in the naturally dried state. Traditionally mini aprocots is rinsed and places in container of water (recommended is 1 part apricot 3 part water) over a 24 – 48 hour period, preferably in the refrigerator in a sealed container. The juice and rehydrated apricot is later consumed as a snack or juice.


This product contains its pit and individuals should be cautious about that when consuming this product. Due to the drying process and small texture of the fruit it makes it really hard to extract the seed and its shell.

This product contains sulphite.

Individuals allergic to apricot, pollen, and dried fruits should be cautious to avoid consuming this product.