Rolled Apricots

Chapie Namak / Double Twisted Apricot

NT-4017 – Rolled Apricots – Chapie Namak – Double Twisted Apricot

Rolled apricots are also known in the Middle East as Chapie Namak and Double Twisted Apricot. This product is considered to be a specially dried fruit from Afghanistan because of the variety and the method it is prepared.

The notable characteristics that sets this product apart from other dried apricots is the elongated and twisted texture of this dried fruit. This product is prepare from over ripped apricots, the pits are removed and a hint of salt is added to help with the drying process. The Apricots are then twisting within itself to the shape seen and set to dry under the sun. This process allows for a more natural way of drying the fruit without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.

Rolled Apricot is considered to be one of the specialty products that Naturizon has to offer.


Rolled apricot is made from natural apricot, and as such it has the majority of health benefits associated to the other varieties of apricots.

Dried apricots are a rich source of Potassium, a mineral linked with promoting healthy blood pressure.

Dried apricots are a natural source of Vitamin E and Vitamin A, both of which have numerous amazing health benefits. Apricots contain Beta-Carotene, which the body breaks down into the active form. Growing evidence suggests that Vitamins A and E, and Beta-Carotene may play an important role in preventing or mitigating age-related eye disorders.

This product is free from Sulfites and artificial preservatives.


The apricots selected should be free from any kind of mold, pest damage, or holes.

They should be stored in a dry and cold place away from direct sunlight to avoid the product from changing color or attracting pests.


Rolled Apricots are considered to be a dried fruit snack that can be consumed by themselves or along with other variety of nuts and dried fruits.


Individuals allergic to apricot, pollen, and dried fruits should be cautious to avoid consuming this product.