Senjed / Russian Olives

NT-4011- Oleasters – Senjed – Russian Olives

Oleaster is a unique dried fruit/herb that is mainly consumed when it is dried. Oleaser is unique due to its fluffy texture with a thin skin that can be peeled away to help bring a unique flavor and taste to your taste buds. Traditionally in Middle East Oleaster is consumed and served in gatherings as a delicacy during the Persian New Year celebration. Oleaster is loaded with nutrients and vitamins that help promote good health, and it has traditionally been used as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Oleasters contains compounds such as phytochemicals, an excellent antioxidant that is very beneficial for the health of the body.

Because of its high fiber content, Oleaster causes a feeling of satiety in the body, which can reduce the appetite and help in weight loss.

Oleasters can resist inflammation and reduce arthritis. Its extract help in preventing inflammation of the heart and mouth as well.

This fruit contains high amounts of calcium, which is very useful for people with osteoporosis and helps to strengthen the bones.


Store in airtight container away from humidity, moisture, heat source and sun light.

Refrigeration increases the shelf life of the products to about 12 months.


Oleasters are considered to be a delicacy to be enjoyed as a snack.

They can be rehydrated along with other dried fruits and nuts and enjoyed as a mix.

The powder and extract of this product is used in various traditional medicines.


This product should not be consumed if you see discoloration on the skin or outer layer of the fruit and/or if it has developed a foul smell/taste.

This product is intended o be used as a snack and not recommended to used as medicine.